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Short-Term Accommodations NDIS Brisbane

Get Reliable NDIS Short-Term Accommodations in Brisbane

One of the key aspects of respite care is STA or short-term accommodation. It is a place away from your home or shared space where you and your carer can spend some time in peace. However, if you are struggling to find a reliable NDIS short-term accommodation in Brisbane as a participant, 123 Care is here to help you out.
As seasoned caregivers and having access to disability-friendly properties, we can provide you with the STA accommodation in Brisbane that you are looking for. You will need to contact us and tell us your requirements so that we can find the right place for you. On the other hand, if you are a carer and are seeking respite from your day-to-day responsibilities, we can help you as well. We will find accommodation at your preferred place.

Short-Term Accommodation for Respite NDIS in Brisbane

Our short-term accommodation for respite NDIS in Brisbane is available for adults as well as kids of six years. Thus, as a participant, you need not worry about your age. Further, we only provide accommodations that are completely optimised for participants. So, no matter the physical impairments that you have, you can expect luxury during the respite.
If you are a carer, we will arrange accommodation that best suits your needs. So, rest assured that the place will be ideal for you to unwind and experience a peaceful atmosphere.

Why Choose Our NDIS STA Respite Accommodations in Brisbane?

Choose our NDIS STA respite accommodations in Brisbane since :
To know more about our respite accommodations or to get your queries solved, reach out to us now.

FAQs Related to Our Short-Term Accommodation under NDIS in Brisbane

I am a carer. Will you provide me with a different type of property compared to the participants opting for short-term accommodation under NDIS in Brisbane? If you are a support worker, we will provide you with the property of your choice for your respite. They can be different from the ones that we typically offer to participants opting for short-term accommodation under NDIS in Brisbane. How long will it take for you to arrange the short-term accommodation for respite NDIS in Brisbane? Generally, we arrange short-term accommodation for respite NDIS in Brisbane as quickly as possible for the convenience of the participants. However, the time to find the same depends on our client’s requirements. Are the NDIS short-term accommodations in Brisbane disability-friendly? Yes. At 123 Care, we only provide the participants with short-term accommodations in Brisbane that are completely disability-friendly. So, you can rely on us.

Discuss Your STA Needs With Us

At 123 Care, we strive to provide our clients with quality STA services. So, to book our service, call 0451 138 633 or send us a WhatsApp text now. You can also send your queries to 123ndiscare@gmail.com.
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